Precision Molding
Metal Injection Moulding

RAKU’s MIM (Metal Injection Molding) technology is a set of interpenetrating advanced technologies that combine “injection molding”, “polymer chemistry”, “powder metallurgy” and “metal material science”. Under the general trend of seeking quickness and innovation, this technology quickly and accurately transforms the design into functionality, and can be applied for mass production, eliminating tedious machining procedures.

Compared with traditional processes, this technology has the advantages of manufacturing high-density, high-precision, high-strength, uniform organization, excellent performance, and low production cost. With the continuous improvement of RAKU’s technical team and customization requirements, it has become the mainstream technology for the manufacture of metal parts in fashion industry.

Precision machining

RAKU’s precision machining applications include a large and comprehensive CNC machine tools and machining centers, including lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinders, wire cutting, electric sparks, laser technology, etc., The process is a high-precision machining process in which the size of the workpiece is changed by the machine in accordance with the product design and specification requirements, and it will not cause material quality changes or chemical reactions at room temperature.

This multi-oriented and multi-performance flexible processing method is not only suitable for diverse small-scale production in fashion industries, but also very suitable for large-scale production operations.

Precision forging

RAKU’s precision casting technology is an advanced technology with near net shape forming. This casting is suitable for large and small workpieces, and more suitable for products with three-dimensional and special-shaped designs that cannot be formed by molds. In addition to linear tolerances, parts can also achieve higher geometric tolerances.

With the continuous improvement of RAKU’s technical team, the integration of vacuum technology has made the surface roughness of the blank produced by precision casting smaller and smaller, which greatly saves the workload of surface treatment after traditional casting technology, and is more suitable for the rapid production needs of fashion industries.

Machine Chain

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Surface Treatment
Metalworking Polishing

Based on the high standards for product appearance and high-precision requirements of European fashion industries , RAKU combined scientific analysis methods to create a unique metalworking polishing system that includes “three-dimensional grinding”, “precision plane grinding”, “high-frequency vibration grinding”, “fine metalworking technology” and “plasma technology”. In accordance with diverse specifications and material characteristics, this technology can give products a standardized special processing process, which not only stabilizes the quality of the polishing process, but also meets the standards of flexible production management of diversified products. This unique technical application has industrialized metalworking techniques, and implemented the spirit of ingenuity, becoming one of the core technologies of RAKU.


RAKU’s physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology is a surface treatment technology that deposits thin firms by a physical mechanism, has eco-friendly process without heavy metals or chemical pollution and the quality is stable. With the continuous optimization of the technical teams in Japan, Taiwan and China, we have made customized products that meet the needs of European fashion industry, and the high-quality results beyond the traditional electroplating technology with comprehensive advantages such as wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, antibacterial, etc.. As the core surface treatment technology of RAKU, it can provide high-end brand products with precious metal appearance coating at the highest standard.


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